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CAFE GAT Challenge

Guest airsick

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Guest airsick

The CAFE General Aviation Technology Challenge has been run and won this year by Frank Turners Pipistrel Virus!


The aircraft is the very same type that can be flown as a Recreational Aviation Australia registered aircraft and won the overall category, shortest take off, quietest cabin, the CAFE 400 race, the CAFE safety prize and best angle of climb.


So how is that then - an RA aircraft won the GA challenge! 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


I am not sure exactly what each of these events involves but will post more as I find out.


NOTE: I fly a Virus so I might be biased. OK, I should have written that I am biased. :)



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Guest airsick

A bit more info


I found it interesting that the CT had the best gliding ratio. I know the Virus used was the short wing version so not so surprised it didn't win but I would have expected the Lambada to take out that one. Oh well, all in all a good piece of publicity for ultralights in general.


There were five teams competing:


“Team Pipistrel†flying a Pipistrel Virus 912, team leader Frank Vance Turner


“Team Aerochia†flying a modified Diamond DA20-A1, team leader Geoff Stevenson


“Team Wilkinson Aero Sport†flying a Dynamic WT9, team leader Neil Wilkinson


“Team Lambada†flying a UFM-13 Lambada, team leader John A. Dunham


“Team Flight Refineâ€, flying a Flight Design CT, team leader John Robert “Bob†Basham


1st 317.3 points Pipistrel Virus 912 SW


The Aviation Safety Prize (Handling, eCFI) $ 50000


The CAFE 400 Prize (speed and fuel consumption) $ 20000


Take off distance over 50 foot obstacle $ 3750


Angle of climb $ 3750


Cabin Noise (prize shared with Lambada) $ 1875


The Green prize - fuel consumption (only the title awarded)


Top speed (only the title awarded)


The best climb rate task (only the title awarded)


2nd 249.3 points Urban Air LAMBADA UFM-13


The Community Noise Prize $ 20.000


The Quietest LSA $ 10.000


Cabin Noise (prize shared with Pipistrel) $ 1875


3rd 225.6 points Flight Design CT 180


Best gliding ratio at 100 $ 3750


Lowest speed $ 3750


4th DNF Diamond KATANA DA20-A1


5th DNF Aerospool DYMNAMIC WT9


Full info available from http://www.pipistrel.si/news/907



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