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Canberra to Darwin Route

Guest Ross Muir

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Guest Ross Muir



A mate (in a Beech Sierra) and I (in a C172) are flying from Canberra to Darwin around 21 August. If the the weather holds out we are planning to fly: Canberra, Bourke, Windorah, Mt Isa, Borraloola, Darwin (those are the fuel stops). We could play safe and go from Mt Isa to Tennant Creek, Tindal, Darwin but it would be a significantly longer flight.


Any views from those that have done that trip? Thanks





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Have you looked at Canberra, Bourke, Birdsville (more interesting than Windorah), Barkly Roadhouse, Tindal, Darwin. You can land and taxi up behind the Barkly Roadhouse (they now have fuel - but check first). Good place for lunch.





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Guest High Plains Drifter

If your coming back, perhaps fly two different tracks.


I dont know your experience level so, some sundry thoughts,


Carry your emergency beacon and a couple of water bottles on your person. A ground sheet/light rope in a pocket is a good idea for sun protection. What you wear is the 'survival' kit - What is carried in the aircraft is the 'camping' kit.


Carry plenty of water in the aircraft.


Ring ahead to check fuel available.


Birdsville is handy - can park across the road from the pub :thumb_up:


As you will be flying with another aircraft, perhaps a little more 'adventurous' flying can be done - i.e. if one goes down, there is another to report position.


If the range is there, probably Birdsville-Alice direct is not a bad run. Plenty to see and for over half the section you can get down to legal minimuns without scareing cattle - a bit bumpy though.


Tennant creek-VRD with a slight dog leg to over fly the Kookaburra Memorial is an interesting flight, again at legal min height. Gain height after the memorial so-as not to scare cattle.


VRD-Timber ck-Darwin, via Litchfield is a nice run. A bit more height required due the increasing timber - still plenty of open areas around.


Plenty of pilots on this forum have done Northen flying, so I'll let others piont out the other interesting things to see :thumb_up:



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