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Inbuild vox Vs separate intercom


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I am considering an upgrade of my radio and intercom system.


(the buttons on the hand held are getting smaller and the fingers are getting bigger or at least slower)


The Aircraft currently has a separate Sigtronics intercom.


My question is are there any advantages in retaining this system or am I better to go with the inbuilt vox intercom with the Microair coms radio that I am considering installing.?


any and all comments greatly appreciated.





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Hiya David,


Try a Vertex VXA220 for approx. $350 plus a full Airmagic Chatterbox including Vee Rabbit, Headsets, Powerbox all in for less than $1,500. For under $2k you will not look back.


Save spending up to $1,500 on a panel mount transceiver with a limited VOX intercom.


Give Ian a call as he retails the gear.







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