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Late last year,I ferried my newly purchased Beech Skipper from Jandacot to Bourke NSW.I tracked JKT to Southern Cross,where I poured in 30 litres from 2 jerrycans I carried,and continued on to Kalgoolie.Swipe bowser there.Next day to Forrest on the transcontinental railway via another stop halfway to pour in 20 litres.Good cottage accomodation available at Forrest,plus fuel and free hangarage.Very friendly managers there as well,who can supply meals.Next day heading SE to the Nullabor roadhouse on the highway,where there is a good dirt strip and fuel available,also motel rooms.Then crossed the edge of the Great Australian Bight and onto Ceduna for fuel.Tracked there to Port Augusta overnight and fuel.Next day tracked to Bourke via a fuel stop at Broken Hill.The only fuel agent that charged a call out fee was Ceduna.


Self serve pumps are quite common nowdays.Naturally,fuel stops would be fewer in larger and faster aircraft,and it would not always be necessary to carry jerrycans.A very enjoyable trip all the same.



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My Skipper is VH-UMX.Maybe thats the one you may have learned in.Its very simple to fly.The Piper Tomahawk and Skipper are very much alike in looks,but I think the Skipper is far better quality.Its the smallest and slowest plane I have owned,but enjoy it all the same,and its economical too!



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