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Drifter Driving Saturday 2nd Sep 2006

Guest Fred Bear

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Guest Fred Bear

A magnificent day flying in Sunnys Drifter yesterday out of The Oaks Airfield. It was just the perfect day. Hot on the ground and just right in the Drifter! Departed the Oaks Airfield and tracked to the North to overfly Sunnys place and my own at St Marys/Colyton. Nothing better than having your family waving at you as you pass by low (legally) and slow. No windows in your way either. Just a magnificent view for pics like the one below.


Our house opposite the park.



From here we tracked out towards the South over the Camden area and on to Wedderburn Airfield and then return to The Oaks. Was a wonderful flight. Thanks Sunny! :)


Sunny with his beloved Drifter @ Wedderburn Airfield.



Me with the Drifter.




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Hi Darren. Good to see the Drifter getting an outing. Mine has started the warm weather exercises, with an hour last Friday.


I'm used to having a few more landing options than you appear to have.


It's about "back to the beach" time up in these parts.


Now that I'm looking forward to flying her, someone is bound to offer me some money.


Pity RA-Aus mag couldn't get the price right. It is supposed to be $37,500 - but I'm in no hurry.



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