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What camping gear do you use?

Guest rxbrumby

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Guest rxbrumby

I am starting to do some longer navs and are now thinking of doing some overnight trips. At the moment I have a lightweight tent and hiking sleeping bags(from my canoe camping trips). With two adults on board I can only carry up to 10kgs with full fuel(50L). When I travel by myself or with my 7 year old I can carry alot more. I am working in putting some under seat storage for several 5L fuel cans to extend range When carring my daughter. When by myself I can carry 2 20L fuel cans in a bracket I'm making to replace the pax seat. What kind of stove do you use? I have a small metho burner but it is slow and you need to carry a bottle of metho. From memory you cannot carry aerosol cans in the aircraft so I cant take my butane cooker. Can you still get petrol fueled stoves, I know they use to use them in the snow as gas stove dont like freezing cold. Thank you for any input, and I hope to see some of you guys in the future on my travels.





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Guest pelorus32

The stove you want is this one:




Despite what MSR say you can also use it with leaded fuel - AvGas.


It is a great stove, very light and you simply fill it from the wing drains and empty it before loading it next morning.


Those guys also make great lightweight tents.







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