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Bounced on landing


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Hi Everyone,


My name is Greg Cox I have been flying a Tecnam & Jabiru out of Hoxton Park completed about 80 hours RAA so far and just about to start GA training next Saturday with Basair at Bankstown.


As sonn as my order arrives from the states I will commence building my Zodiac 601XL, should be in the next week or two. I believe that I will most likely upgrade to the new 650XL.


I will definately be going to Cowra, just not sure at this stage if I will fly or drive.


Regards, Greg



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Guest High Plains Drifter

Hello Greg, top machine the Zodiac :thumb_up:


I have a vague recollection of an Agy named Cox dumping a load of fertilizer on a house near Katherine (late 70s) - no relation are you ?



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