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Help Wanted - Finding the Thruster Flash

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

Another of my pleas for assistance!


I am trying to trace the Thruster ‘Flash’ (Again! – it slipped through my fingers last time and vanished once more).


This is an experimental Thruster. It was basically built from a T83 single seater, very heavily modified, and converted to a two seater.


The distinctive features are lozenge ailerons, a unique ‘duck billed’ pod, 29.5†wing span, and now has wing fences.


The aircraft was last known of at the Blackbutt area of SE Q’ld and was owned by an elderly gentleman (non aviator) who had taken it in part exchange for a bulldozer! This was about three years ago.


Warning! I did have the opportunity to superficially inspect the machine. The C/Moly parts were heavily corroded and the aircraft is totally illegal – so take care if it comes your way. However I could do something practical with it and wish to find it once again.


Any help – even a faint lead that I could follow up would be appreciated.


This is what it looks like:











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Guest TOSGcentral

This is an old post dug up again.


For those that were interested and did telephone or email me - my thanks!


I have in fact now located the beast and am currently negotiating to buy it for restoration and to hopefully fly again (Helluva lot of work there!)


Unforunately it moved from 50 km from me to over 600 km - but I guess those are the breaks. But it will be one of the very few remaining on my 'Thruster X files' to get tidied up!







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