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Emergency landing at Moorabbin Airport

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TWO pilots have escaped injury after being forced into an emergency landing at Moorabbin airport today because of an unsafe gear.


Police said the pilots were having difficulty landing the light aircraft after they discovered one of the plane’s wheels would not lock down.


Morrabbin airport manager Phil McConnell praised the pilots efforts and said there was "minimal damage" to the Piper Saratoga aircraft.


“Due to an unsafe gear indication the pilots made an emergency landing at approximately 12:45 today,” Mr McConnell said.


“It was a text book landing from a very experienced pilot.”


He said all emergency crews had been on stand by.


“We get on average about four to five incidents like this every year.”


“We were fully prepared and are trained for a full emergency plan which worked perfectly with all rescue and fire fighting services in attendance.”


The emergency landing comes only nine days after a trainee pilot died when his plane clipped another aircraft just out of Moorabbin airport.






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