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Clive the truckie

Guest Ruprect

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Guest Ruprect

Clive the Truckie, after an exceptionally busy period of work, counts the days since he's been home.


3 weeks he concludes as his truck rolls into the country town of Albury. Pondering this thought he pulls his truck up outside the local brothel and walks inside.


Tired and cashed-up he plonks $1000 on the counter in front of the house madam.


"I want your fattest ugliest girl and a toasted cheese sandwich" he demands.


Astonished the madam replies, "look love, for a thousand dollars you can have our prettiest girl all night and we will throw in a proper meal and a few beers aswell!"


"You don't understand" replies Clive "I'm not horny, I'm homesick."



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