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Geared toward the new Light Sport Aircraft category, the Personal Cruiser has the design goal of being safe, affordable, fun to fly, simple and quick to build. A bit of a tall order but by using the recently perfected Foldaplane technique, minimal finishing work is required and nearly all of the parts are shipped "normal" UPS saving hundreds of dollars on truck freight. Great for our friends around the globe too.


The Personal Cruiser uses the proven Corvair automotive engine converted for aircraft use. The Personal Cruiser is specifically designed


for an engine weight of 200-245lbs making it suitable for many alternative engines available today.


The Personal Cruiser will have an awesome climb out capability while also being able to cruise along at 120-150 mph. Burning between 2.5 and 4 gallons per hour will make the Cruiser an affordable way to fly. With the light wing loading and clean design the Personal Cruiser will be an "easy" flyer making it an ideal first plane or a great last plane - the one just for you!




With a generous 29.5" wide cabin, it will accommodate pilots of all sizes and with 100hp will have no trouble getting over the trees either.


The plane can be built easily in one stall of a garage - with final assembly at the airport.


Progress on the proto-type continues and we hope to be test flying soon. We will not be taking orders until the Cruiser flies and is thoroughly tested. If you would like to be one of the first to be on list when it is ready please click here.





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