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Midura Jet Port ?


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Interesting rumour, however I would have thought that they would have been wanting to land their Embrayer (E-Jets) there?


Pic attached - most of the travelling public probably wouldn't notice the difference which is good for Virgin, unlike Qantas and their Dash-8's where it's blatantly obvious you're not in a Qantas 'jet' as such.





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Guest AusDarren

I can confirm that Mildura was one of the ports under consideration for Jungle jet service, at the time the first Embraer arrived in Aus. I got a chance to have a peek while it was at Melbourne while they were doing pre launch runs to get crew hours up to the min levels required prior to passenger services commencing with the new type.


I'd consider it unlikely to go straight to 737. The Embraer is a route development aircraft to let the customers build up.







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