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raa at Coffs Harbour area

Guest Robbo

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GDay allI have been considering for a while to ave a go at converting to RAA from GA. I am heading up to the Coffs Harbour area for a week shortly . Does anyone know of an RAA school up that way as I may just get around to doing the conversion whilst Im there? What aircraft do they use if you know any. I am undecided on what type to have a lash at:)RegardsPaul



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Guest pecram air

In answer to your question




My Mate lives at Coffs, He has a Bantam that he keeps at South Grafton Strip. Niels was telling me there is a fairly new school there with a good selection of aircraft Jabs etc. Coffs itself is CTA and I dont know of any RAAus schools.




Phil C.



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Coffs RAAus


G'day all


I was at the Airshow up at Coffs on the weekend. The Coffs Harbour aero club have just bought a J170 which I believe is $170 per hour with instructor. I think membership was only $30-40 dollars or so - don't quote me on that though. They also have a PA28 for hire.


One other issue to check with them would be what their arrangements are for training purely RAAus students prior to the RAAus CTA endorsement coming into effect.





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My Parents live slightly north of Coffs while I live in Adelaide so I often fly the 230 over that way via Narromine. As Coffs is Class D airspace for the times that I need it South Grafton is the closest place I can land and tie down. I believe that the club there has recently added as 230 and there is a local instructor available.


The drive back from Sth Grafton takes much more time than the decent past my parents place. I for one am really looking forward to the CTA endorsement.





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