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Lightning basics


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To paraphrase the factory blurb, the Lightning is a sleek low wing kit aircraft designed with the following goals in mind.


1. Generous Margins forSafety and Strength


2. Simplicity of Systems for Quick Easy Construction


3. High Performance per HP


4. Excellent Flying Qualities


The Lightning is purely a kit built aeroplane, there is no factory built option.


If you want to find out more about this plane the factory website is :


Lightning Sport Plane by Arion Aircraft


The Australian Distributor is:


Lightning Aircraft Australia


There are around 18 kits flying or in build in Australia and I think somewhere around 80 all up. I hope that, in time, we can develop this area of the forums into a valuable resource for Lightning builders and fliers.


Cheers, Selwyn



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I'd be interested to hear about the load carrying ability from Lightning owners. After reading a recent Kitplanes article I was left with the impression that with two people on board the aircraft was at the rear CofG limit before anything was put in the baggage compartment.



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