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how tall is your savannah

Guest landmann

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Guest landmann

The specs for my Savannah ADV say it is over nine ft tall. Mine is actually an inch or so less than eight ft. Is it just the ADV or are they all less than 9 ft tall.





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savannah adv - discrepencies


i just bought my 2008 savannah adv as an s-lsa on feb 5 2009 in casa grande arizona. Used, it had 95hrs when we did annual condition inspection prior to purchase. i flew it home with a friend-pilot and had a fantastic 4-day x-ctry ride including long scud run over AZ/CA desert.


i live in northern calif. just north of san francisco. fly out of gnoss field, Novato (KDVO) 118ttsn


i've noticed numerous contradictory dimensions and performance figures for my Savannah ADV


[e.g., clean stall speed 58mph or 53mph? battery is in back or on firewall? oil-cooler brand not same as in const manual]


martin commented on glide ratio of 1:6 actual vs 1:12 advertised. i've seen a full-flap/slat 30mph stall quoted for the ADV. sometimes they quote performance at less than gross? who knows! has anyone landed one of these ADV's dead stick? is best emerg glide speed 70mph? best climb 65?


i plan to stall the a/c in several configs and get my numbers that way. also, i now know i wouldn't build a hanger based on the a/c dimensions given in drawing, i'd measure the real thing


the discrepancies probably matter if you rely on the numbers too 'literally'



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