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230 brakes lost

Guest imflyer2

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Guest imflyer2

Just to let anyone out there flying a factory built Jab I lost my brakes on roll out after landing on my first Xctry in a brand new 230. This plane has less than 60 hrs including ferry time.


The plastic fluid tubing was rubbing on the disc and blew out when I applied the brakes after touch down. Fortunately I had lots of room.


I don't understand how this could have been missed during inspections. A 1/4 turn on the 90 deg inlet would have prevented this.


I do have to say that without the wheel fairings it would have been easier to spot and although I've check it out during pre-flight I apparently didn't look close enough either.


The plane is a fun little craft but attention to details are not their strong point. This one could have bit someone in the _ss.





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I have nearly tidied up a lot of the daggy features of my factory built Jab like door seals falling off and door panels glued on with spit. There are other things like fuel lines kinked and connecters not tightened and spat bolts dropping out on ferry home. Having said that, I prefer to fly the Jabby to my 172 as it goes faster and I think it handles great on a lot less fuel. I saw a new J120 at NRM and it appeared very well finished (maybe for the show?) Once Jabiru get the quality control close to that of a technam or sportstar, then they will be THE leaders in LSA.



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Guys Guys Guys. (and Gals) 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif018_hug.gif.0182e32b48b2df8aaf412ac8488cf68a.gif018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif


Think of your Jabiru as a work of art in progress. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif The factory hands it to you 95% finished. :thumb_up: You have to do the last 5%. :ah_oh:


This may seem cruel, :broken_heart: but it saves you heaps, ;) and you get to know your aircraft so much better. :heart::heart:


And, Yes, they are getting better all the time. :thumb_up:







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Guest brentc

Each aircraft is hand made by highly skilled aircraft craftsmen.


Each engine is billeted from a single block of aluminium.


Every aircraft tells a story.


If you've ever seen the quality of the leatherwork in a Lanborghini you would understand. (for those that haven't, it's crap)



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Guest imflyer2

If there were no positive points we certainly wouldn't have bought a jabiru but of course that is not the case. The engine is to me a work of art. I would have one displayed on my desk as such if i could afford one.. It's smooth, efficient and beautiful to the eye.


If all that needs to be done to a new plane is improving some cosmetics and personalizing it somewhat then I'll be a happy guy and will love doing it. Many of you out there have high regard for jabiru craft and I certainly have taken this to heart since most of you are far more experienced than I.


That being the case I hope that it will live up to all the praise. The brake deal did raise a little red flag and certainly made me question what else may have been done poorly and missed on final inspection. It was a reminder to me also to be more precise in my preflight.


Inspite of the brake problem ,the rest of the first xctry was great. It was smooth and climbed well and seems to be a nice little xctry aircraft.


I'm looking forward to many more flights in it.


Thanks for your comments.





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