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Strong winds at storm front?


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G'day team,


Noticed what appeared to be quite a strong wind line in this local storm front moving over the local northern lane from Archerfield north via the eastern side of the TV towers in Brisbane a few days ago.



It formed in only a minute or so and stayed in the lane for another 5 minutes. Whilst the camera shot was not the best (a very small fixed focus digital camera) the usual wind formation appeared quite low in and I thought that if an aircraft had flown north in the lane and under this front they could have been in some damage.


I wondered if the Brisbane weather radar had pick this part of the storm front up?





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What was the date of that photo?


G'day Paul, thanks for the inquiry. Looking at the image data, the time was 09h20m04s on September 10th 2006.


The shot was taken from Taringa looking just east of theTV towers as I was walking to the bus stop.


I was also surprised at the group on young teenagers who were all looking at the development of this brief weather cell and their 'animination' was to its apparent powerful look... Usually youth and the likes of take no notice of these weather type events but this time they were all making comment as to what 'close adventure of the third kind' they were looking at...


Cheers Rodger



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Found this on a BBC news site photo competition.Not exactly a development of rough weather, but sure is the sort of thing to make everyone drop their jaw and gape in awe.


"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."





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OK Rodger,


I was working on Brisbane Approach about that time of the day and I do recall some conversations about the conditions. Here is the historical capture of the wx data:




Quite a handy resource that site


Paul Willett



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