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Guest David Gough

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Guest David Gough

Hi all,


I live in Hamilton Victoria i have had my Ra licence for 18 months i fly a tecnam from Horsham and the Hamilton Areo Club has a Jabiru 120 two different planes to fly but fun.


I was in half share in a piper pacer PA20 tail dragger VH-T.P.H for many years ,i went away from flying for quite a while then the BUG came back with the increase in recreational aircraft.


I am interested in having a fly in a Gazelle, but i dont know if there is one close to Hamilton can you advise me thanks.


Regards David Gough



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Hi David, welcome aboard.


Ballarat Aero Club operates a Gazelle ($95 per hour I think) & Ian Baker (web site administrator) has one in their hangar. Send him a PM with your request, at the worst he can only say no.


Regards, Decca.



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