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Come and Get It Trophy


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Come and Get It Trophy




The Come and Get It Trophy was created in 1990. The Trophy is available to any RA-Aus certificated pilot in an RA-Aus registered aircraft who is prepared to make the journey to retrieve it. The inbound and outbound legs for the retrieval journey must each be greater than 100 nm. Flight details must be completed, kept with the Trophy and a copy returned to the RA-Aus office. Information supplied should include date/s, pilot, aircraft and registration, flight from/to, fuel used, flight hours and other items that may be of interest to members. Retrievers are required to add a plaque to the Trophy.


Current location of the Trophy




Pooleys Rd, Mummel NSW


Latitude S34°41.13' Longitude E149°32.78'


Contact: Geoff Bell


Telephone: 02 4829 2141


Fax:02 4829 2120


Mobile: 0428 691 289


Email: [email protected]


Airfield notes


See the aerial photograph below. Please note the wind measuring tower marked at lower centre. It is almost invisible, and reaches 180 meters off the top of the ridge. Strip will have sheep and stones on it so please ring for local knowledge.




If you want it, come and get it  but beware of the torch




Trophy location and retrieval journey history




The originating location for the Trophy was the airstrip at Millbrook Estate, Albany WA


Location 2: Ravensthorpe WA


1 June 1990


Pilot: Chris Coxall


Return flight: Albany WA to Ravensthorpe WA


Location 3: Kanowna near Kalgoorlie WA


23-24 January 1992


Pilot: Peter Harding


Return flight: Ravensthorpe WA to Kalgoorlie WA


Location 4: Ravenshoe FNQ


22 March - 25 April 1992


Pilot: E.B.McCormack


Return flight: Kalgoorlie WA to Ravenshoe FNQ.


E.B.McCormack holds the distance record, picking the Trophy up at Kalgoorlie WA and carrying it to Ravenshoe FNQ during a 5715 nm clockwise circumnavigation of Australia.


Location 5: Cooktown FNQ


9 - 10 August 1992


Pilot: K.Greenslade


Return flight: Ravenshoe to Cooktown FNQ


Location 6: Pioneer Valley (near Atherton) FNQ


24 -25 September 1992


Pilots: Werner Grimm & Bob Plant


Crew: Sandra Gillanders


Return flight: Cooktown FNQ to Pioneer Valley FNQ


Location 7: Tamborine Mountain SEQ


6 -8 March 1993


Pilots: Bill Knight, Peter Stuy, Richard Faint


Return flight: Pioneer Valley FNQ to Tamborine Mountain SEQ


Location 8: Lethbridge VIC


28 December 1993 - 9 January 1994


Pilots: Russell Arthur, Alan Bridges, Peter Gorton, Garry Leach [two aircraft]


Return flight: Tamborine Mountain SEQ to Lethbridge VIC


Location Tamborine SEQ


14 March - 5 April 1994


Pilot: Lloyd Salisbury


Return flight: Lethbridge VIC to Tamborine SEQ


Location 10: Deeral FNQ


23 September - 21 October 1994


Pilot: Arthur Stroud


Return flight: Coomera SEQ to Deeral FNQ


Location 11: Evans Head NSW


26 -28 December 1994


Pilots: Bill Knight, Bob Paulson, Richard Faint [3 aircraft]


Return flight: Deeral FNQ to Evans Head NSW


Location 12: Woodstock near Townsville QLD


17 March - 1 April 1995


Pilots: Peter Sargent, Eric Dundas


Return flight: Kadina SA to Evans Head NSW to Woodstock QLD


Location 12A: Mossman FNQ


4 - 12 May 1995


Pilot: K. Burch


Return flight: ??


Location 13: Jacobs Well SEQ


9 - 14 June 1995


Pilot: Roger Porter


Crew: Mariska Gilbert


Return flight: Woodstock QLD to Jacobs Well SEQ


Location 14: Beechwood NSW


4 June 1997


Pilots: Nestor Slepcev, ??? Townsend


Return flight: ??


Location 15: Jacobs Well SEQ


30 December 1997


Pilots: Bill Knight, Richard Faint, Don Mellows


Return flight: ??


Location 16: Woodstock near Townsville QLD


2 August - 1 September 1998


Pilot: Owen Scown


Crew: Jill Scown


Return flight: ??


Location 17: Malanda QLD


28 - 29 November 1998


Pilot: Sandra Cameron


Crew: Werner Grimm


Return flight: ??


Location 18: Lismore NSW


25 September 1999


Pilots: Bruce Taylor, Bob Clark, Ian Byrne, Ken Eyears


Return flight: ??


Location 1 Cranbourne TAS


Mid April - 31 May 2000


Pilots: Peter Butler, Kevin Whittaker


Return flight: Lismore, Goondiwindi, Winton, Townsville, Innisfail, Weipa, Horn Island, Cooktown, Cairns, Bundaberg, Caboolture, Ballina, Hoxton Park, Yarram, Cranbourne.


Location 20: Leewave TAS


24 September 2000


Pilot: K. Bradshaw


Return flight: ??


Location 21: Wynyard TAS


10 January 2002


Pilot: Bryan Raven


Return flight: ??


Location 22: Rosebank near Lismore NSW


2 - 10 March 2002


Pilots: Bruce Taylor, Bob Clark, Paul Bright, John McConnell [4 aircraft]


Return flight: Wynard, Flinders Island,Yarram, Merimbula, Wollongong, Crookwell, Cowra, Gunnedah, Lismore.


Location 23: Cooranbong NSW


21 August - 3 September 2002


Pilots: Peter Jentsch, Phil Murdoch


Return flight: Maryborough, Lismore to Cooranbong NSW


Location 24: Alstonville NSW


October 2002


Pilot: Bob Clark, Paul Bright


Return flight: ??


Location 25: Sandfly near Kingston TAS


26 April 2003


Pilot: Lawrie Barton-Johnston


Crew: Suzi Barton-Johnston


Return flight: Helidon, Redcliffe, Inverell, Mudgee, Temora, Shepparton, Latrobe Valley, Flinders Island, George Town, Sandfly.


Location 26: Heybridge TAS


5 October 2003


Pilot: Darrel Peatey


Return flight: Sandfly to Heybridge.


Location 27: Lennox Head NSW


December 2003


Pilot: Gale DeJong


Return flight: Heybridge, ?, ?, Lennox Head.


Location 28: Dog Plain NSW


11 July 2006


Pilot: Lee Ungermann


Return flight: Lennox Head, ?, ?, Dog Plain


Location 29 and 30: Cherryton NSW


29 August 2006


Pilots: Geoff Bell, Denis Vanzella


This was a two part retrieval; Dennis picked the Trophy up from Dog Plain and deposited it at Snowy Plain for an elevation record of 4800 feet. Geoff carried it from Snowy Plain to Cherryton. For details see Denis Vanzella's and Geoff Bell's high country flights.


The flights undertaken to retrieve the Trophy vary considerably. Some are single pilot, single purpose, out and back in a day, trips while others are in the nature of a grand tour. E.B.McCormack holds the record for distance covered, he picked the Trophy up at Kalgoorlie WA and took it to Ravenshoe FNQ during a 5715 nm clockwise circumnavigation of Australia in March/April 1992.


The following is the condensed journal of one 'come and get it' mission that had the distinction of the families following  or more likely leading the way  in ground vehicles.


Aircraft and pilots:


• Corby Starlet 2100 cc VW, #28-0902; pilot: Russell Arthur.


• Kolb Twinstar 503 DC. #10-0167; pilots: Alan Bridges, Peter Gorton, Garry Leach.


Ground crew: two vehicles with trailers â€â€


• Joan and Patrick Leach, Wendy, Daniel, Cristian and Saby Gorton.


• Owen and Josh Bridges; with Marion Jordan and Judy Donavan for part of the time.


Flight log:


• 28 December '93: Corby Starlet departed Lethbridge, proceeded via Echuca to Leeton. Kolb Twinstar departed Benalla, proceeded via Yarrawonga to Coleambally.


• 29 December '93: Both aircraft met at Leeton, proceeded to Gunnedah, via Parkes, Wellington and Coolah. Russell landed in a field about 10 km south of Gunnedah, and hitched into town. Celebrated Peter's birthday at KFC.


• 30 December '93: Built an airstrip for Russell to take off, then proceeded to Glen Innes via Inverell, to meet Bob Goodey. Bob accompanied both aircraft to Evans Head.


• 1 January '94: Peter went to Mt.Tamborine in company with Bill Knight, Dave Donahoe, John McCarron, Bob Poulson, Wendy and Daniel Gorton. Took some photos to prove we were there, and thus collected the Trophy. Travelled via Tom Cadet's strip at Kyogle, Bob's farm at Gleneagles near Beaudesert. Returned via the coast route, over Murwillumbah, Byron Bay and Ballina to Evans Head.


• 5 January '94: Departed Saltwater, via Tenterfield for Glen Innes. Strong winds and smoke from bushfires precluded flying after 11 am. Camped in the Aero Club.


• 6 January '94: Inverell, Gunnedah. Bob Goodey accompanied us part way through extreme bushfire smoke. Strong winds precluded flying after 11 am. Spent afternoon at the local swimming pool.


• 7 January '94: Coolah, Dubbo, Parkes. Strong winds stopped flying activities at noon. Camped in the Aero Club.


• 8 January '94: Forbes, West Wyalong, Narrandera, Oaklands. Extremely strong winds grounded the Kolb in the afternoon. Russell flew on to Echuca.


• 9 January '94: Russell proceeded from Echuca to Lethbridge. The Kolb was ferried to Yarrawonga - its new home.




• Kolb Twinstar: average fuel consumption 17 litres/hour at 42 knots. Total flying time about 45 hours. Maximum height due to smoke, strong lift etc. was 9 000 feet. The only damage to the aircraft a slightly bent undercarriage leg. Fuel used was unleaded, with Penrite TS40C oil.


• Corby: average fuel consumption 10 litres/hour at about 70 knots. Total flying time 22 hours. Routine maintenance included some work on binding brakes at Parkes. Fuel used was 230 litres of Super grade, with 400 mL of oil.


If you have historical information to add please contact John Brandon


[contact information]











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