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T84 Prototype found???

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

For the historical and heritage buffs out there......


This came up for air yesterday morning and I am waiting for one more photograph to prove it conclusively.


I have been hunting for this damn thing for over 11 years and find it has been in storage for the last 15 years - which is why I could not find it.


It seems to be intact and undamaged but will need a lot of work on it after that time.


Only between 5 and 7 T84s appear to have been built and the prototype had a distinctly different fin before they moved to the G type tail unit for the rest and then so quickly moved on to the T85.


They have always been a pest for me as senior original factory guys had forgotten entirely that they had made them! I had to show them a photo of one to convince them i_dunno I still did not get any further information - had to work it out myself!


If I can get this at the right price then I will just have to add it to my growing collection - and probably collect a divorce because I really am getting short of room, especially if I pick up the Flash as well.


Keeps me off the streets I suppose.







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Guest TOSGcentral

Alas, I am no further ahead! More photos came in and the machine in fact is a production T84.


The serial number is 8410 (or possibly 8418) This is interesting as it could indicate that either more T84s were built than I thought - or there were more Glasshouses than the ten that I know of (both types were built concurrently).


The T84 was what I term a 'transitional' type and marked the point in Thruster evolution that began developing what would become standardised tube size allocation that continued into the ANO 95.25 types.


The T84 prototype (if it in fact still exists) is quite distinctive. It has an entire T83 tail unit, 100mm boom diameter (compared with the T83 boom of 80mm) and the distinctive boom rear support struts that extend from the undercarriage legs to the leading edge of the tailplane. It is 25.6" wing span and has wing battens in the top surface only of the wing.


I shall continue looking but if anyone has heard of this aircraft or has a photo of it I would appreciate contact.





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