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Allegro 2000

Guest kathy

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Hi Kathy,


Good to hear from you and welcome to the forum. There has only recently been quite a bit of discussion about the Allegro on this forum, not all positive. Take a look here http://www.recreationalflying.com/Forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1225.


I did my training with Mike Apps at Polo Flat (Cooma) inhis Allegro (24-4037). Being my first aviation experience my observationscan only be biased, however I did find the a/c "twitchy" and a little basic in its design. I believe newer versions have incorporated a few enhancements. Since getting my Pilot Cert I have been flying the CT2K and find the differencesquite remarkable ... more stable, betterlayout of flight controls, more roomy and comfortable,better performance specs and extremely responsive to pilot input. Frankly, the CT is just fantastic. Now, having raved about the CT I need to add that I think the Allegro is an easier plane to learn in.Then again, the Jab, Gazelle, Sportstar and many others are great trainers too.


Take a read through the above thread and see what you glean from that.


To the rest of our readers, Kathy is new to the forum so please offer her helpful information.







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Guest Fred Bear

Great machine. Performance in terms of top end speed and low end stall - short landing and takeoff etc put it in a class of it's own.


A new model is being released shortly (if you ordered one you'd be getting that one now) and it's apparently 100mm higher and somewhat wider which should make it a much nicer aircraft for the occupants.


They are very popular overseas and there are around 25 flying in OZ and NZ.


PM me if you need more info.



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