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Flight Cancelled so Flight Sim Time


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Groan. I was supposed to go flying today but it got canceled due to high winds. The weather report over YADG says 17 knots gusting to 32 knots so I can see why. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


So, that means I will dial in the current weather into FSX and take the little Eurostar out for a few circuits around my (poorly) hand made Aldinga strip. After that I will finish doing my flight plan from Aldinga to Cooma in Airnav VFR and fly one or two legs, again in the Eurostar with no autopilot!.


Is there no hope for me I wonder? :-)


Anyone else here use FS or X-Plane? With Orbx scenery and freeware airstrips we have never had it so good with flight simulation.





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