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77 Scout ultralight


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Do you know if it is a mark one or two, what is the powerplant robyn or the original victa? I have quite a bit of scout info or i can put you in contact with Ron Wheeler if you want.





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77 scout


Thanks for your reply, not sure how to identify it the motor was made in Japan and there are also some numbers there that i will get, the piston has a 5.0s stamped on it, has a mikuni carby. The ultralight is all orange with white tips on each of the wings. Missing the pole up the centre behind the fuel tank which i presume hold the wings in position. Would love to get it back to its original condition. Also has pontoons which i'm not sure how they fit. The trailer its on also has some numbers with a number plate, is it possible to trace the ultralight's history ? My number is 0407 032 011


Cheers Mick



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Hi Mick


I'll give you a ring and as i'm just up the road from maitland on weekends maybe can have a look at it. more than likely it has the fuji robyn 250cc engine. pretty tuff engine as long as the crank is ok. parts from WA. Most bits and pieces are available should be able to trace the history. Did this come from Marks Pt? anyway talk soon.





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