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Gone Fishin

Guest Lee Schaumberg

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Guest Lee Schaumberg

Hello All


Because you may not have these guys DNR = Deptment of Natural Resources


This ol guy was walking along a lake with a plastic pail that had 6 large walleyes in it. A DNR guy looked and said I'll have to fine you because the bag limit is 2. The ol guy said - But But these are specially trained fish. All you have to do is dump them in the lake and whistle. The fish come back and jump in the pail! The DNR guy said OK I've got to see this. While the ol guy was standing there the DNR guy said dump them in and whistle. So the ol guy dumps them in the lake and just stands there. The DNR guy said whistle so the fish come back and jump in the pail. Then the ol guy said What fish?102_wasnt_me.gif.b4992218d6a9d117d3ea68a818d37d57.gif



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