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streak shadow seat belts

mr badger

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Try Dave Smith from Air Safety Solutions in Queanbeyan. He can remake or modify your harness, TSO or non TSO. He did mine in silver webbing and nice shiney hardware. sorry don't have his number at hand.





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Guest Maj Millard

How many belts do you have Ozzy ?


Hi Ozzie, Is that my old mate Dave Smith ex Parachutes Australia ? and by the way you seem to have a few belts with shiney buckles, are we looking at a theme here ??? Ross 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Major, yep one and the same, PA has changed hands', Dave's work is great quality. the plated hardware has survived the exposer to the extremes really well. I had to move my Jump Shack Racer on after 12 years of use and bought a rig by the guys who took over PA and after 12 mths the hardware is all tarnished and looking like crap. All i can say is i want my "racer" back. Not really into 'Bling" but it makes the hardware last for years.


BTW a quality harness made for the job and installed correctly will go a long way to saving your life, don't modify, spend the extra get it done right. My harness is not TSO'ed but it built to the same standard.





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