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UV Protectant

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Does anyone use a UV protectant on their wing? I used to use Ultra AeroShield which did a great job, but am unable to get it any more.


I have checked the web and came across "Aerospace303 UV Protectant" which looks like a similar product. Has anyone used this?


Would appreciate any feedback, before sending off for some ...


Safe Flying





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I used 303 protectant on the Dacron on my Skyranger. The aircraft was left in the hangar for 6 weeks over winter while I was overseas. Also in the hangar was a very unkempt Thruster that was not flown during that time.


The Skyranger was completely covered in black mold and the thruster was not affected.


The untreated ventral surfaces of the Skyranger were not affected.


From that I conclude that whatever it may do to protect from UV 303 protectant is great fungus food and i won't bother with it any more.





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Easily cleaned with mild chlorine bleach left on for 10 mins then rinsed off with lots of water.


Easy but still a pain in the whatever because there is so much surface to treat.


My understanding is that chlorine on Dacron is OK.







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