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HI everyone. My name is Jim from Bunbury in Western Australia. Soon I will be starting lessons for my Microlight Licence. I am looking at the pro's and con's of buying a new versus 2nd hand microlight and would appreciate any advice that can be given. I am finding it hard to find any late model 2nd hand machines and am looking at perhaps a new Airborne 582 Tundra. Looking forwad to your comments.



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there are a lot of 2nd hand trikes available at the moment, the RAA magazine always has a few in them each month, the current issue has about 6 from memory.


That all said, I suggest that you do nothing now other than enjoy the training. Your instructor is best placed to help you with determining which is the best ride of those available. Its a general fact that an instructors income is suplimented by trike sales, or arranging 2nd hand sales. For that cost you get the experience of instructors review, or the instructors relationship with interstate instructors if you need to get something from far away.


I would suggest that unless you have won the lotto that a 2nd hand machine is probably a better start than a new 582. That said, the number of hours flown since new or engine overhaul (around 400hrs for the blue head) is important especially as the overhaul costs can exceed 75% of the cost of a new engine. The advent of teh 912 series trikes has certainly meant that the 2nd hand market for the 582's has been driven downward in cost, so to your resale value. That said teh depreciation curve is kinder on the older machines. I havent checked for a while but seem to recall that a new 912 based trike will be around the $55k mark which is well into the realm of 3axis aircraft costs. I hav both trike and J230. I find the trike is the most fun in summmer and the 3axis is fantastic in winter and or longer distances.







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