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Hi All,


Well I am new to this site so great to see everyone working together.


My main interest is to begin building an aircraft per the following:


"Want to have a high quality IFR aircraft but not enough money to afford one? Let’s build.


I am currently looking for expressions of interest in the construction of an Vans RV-10 Experimental Aircraft in the Inner Western suburbs of Melbourne (i.e. Williamstown area). I wish to put together a partnership of 3-4 partners (including myself), with myself as being the lead and recognised builder of the aircraft. This is to ensure that 51% of the aircraft is built by one person and a builder maintenance certificate is completed leading to lower operating costs. Partners to be involved will need to be mutually approved by the other partners.


I am looking at constructing a fully glass cockpit IFR aircraft (e.g Prod_cert_menu ). Estimated completion cost (if all new) is between $150 to $200k. I am currently looking at factory locations that could be rented for use during the building process. However, if a partner has access to a large garage/factory, that would be ideal and reduce the overall cost of construction. The expected build time with Quick Build kits and full cooperation is 2-3 years. If factory/garage is available, non-quick build to reduce costs may be an option.


Each partner would need to contribute 33% (if 3)-25%(if 4) of the cost and would need to aid construction to the tune of the same percentage of build time. Differentials associate with non-comparative effort will affect final % of ownership. Construction/fitment options would be based on a majority decision. Only requirement is that the build is Fully Glass IFR with virtual terrain, redundant IFR systems and a ballistic chute. I have completed estimates for cost and would have total funds submitted to a trust for aircraft build expenditure.


Required maintenance would obviously need to include myself and at least one other partner for all maintenance schedules as defined by the partnership. A full partnership agreement associated with the build and the post build operation would need to be signed by all entering this partnership.


For any interested parties, please respond to this thread and we can arrange contact and a discussion."


Thanks all,







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