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Build Manual Updates


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Build Manual Updates Section 2, 10 & 41


There have been some recent changes posted to the build manual on the Lightning owners pages.


Section 2 - Seat bulkhead assembly fixes the dimension conflicts in the original and adds some bronze bushes to the bellcrank pivot, these appear similar to the flap hinge bushes. I also note that they have picked up or reinvented my idea of using a template to drill the bellcrank mounting holes in the seat bulkhead. If there is anyone else out there who has trouble with his lefts and rights like me, remember to mark the template to top and front and then remember that you place the assembly on the back of the template to mark the holes, drill them in the template then place the template on the front of the bulkhead with its front side visible and drill the bulkhead.


Section 19 - Elevator balance modification details the changes to the the aerodynamic balance on the elevator, basically removing it altogether. Nick's original notification of this change is in an earlier post on this forum.


There has also been a change to Section 41 - Canopy hinges although the date in the build procedures list has not been changed, it still reads 02/05/08. It's in American so that is 5th Feb. The changes are the addition of the altered hinge to canopy attach detail for the skinned canopy.


I first noticed this change a few days ago but I'm not sure when it occurred. I printed my manual pages in early June and I exchanged emails with the factory about how to do this step back in early September so it's sometime after that. Depending on when you printed your manual it may pay to check that you have this.



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