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Canungra (QLD) Airstrip...

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G'day 'team' ,


I'm updating my GPS database and ask if anyone could indicate the GPS


position of the Canungra 'International' airfield sited just north of


the township of Canungra, south east QLD. I have the aerial photo/sat.


image of the strip, quite a good image off the Google Earth program but


just wish to confirm the details.


Yours in recreational aviation,





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Thanks for the info...


Alas, I am aware of your comments with Google’s Earth program but as my


work have serious security enforcements with internet activity I not


able to use the program other than at home and (of-course) I was trying to use the works bandwidth...


Just as a matter of interest, one of the reasons why my work will not


allow the use of the Google Earth program at present is there 'appears'


to be a commercial key logger with-in the program which has been


causing certain security oriented programs alarm. So until this little


area of interest is sorted out as to whether or not there is a concern


as to data logging I am not able to use it at work. :-<>


I'll check the GPS Ref. to-night though, cheers.





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