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SL40 squealing on transmit


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Hello peoples,


Im having problems with a SL40 that sometimes (not always) has a high pitched squeal on transmint. It does not seem to be feedback. I have david clark headsets. It wont occur if both mikes are out.


Any idea's.





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Guest Maj Millard

Have you changed headsets or radio/intercom units recently ?. Sounds like it could be microphone related. Either an Electric or dynamic mic is suitable for you'r radios, but not both. 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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It could be RF getting into the mic/intercom. This could happen if the antenna or cable is faulty causing RF to be radiated away from the antenna. Maybe something has changed.


I have a similar problem with an Icom A20. I can not use a headset with the built in whip, but it is OK with an antenna mounted remotely.


Good luck. These things can be very frustrating.





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Guest Cloudsuck

I had the same thing with my A200 when I installed it in my Tecnam. I found the mic gain pot on the outside of the casing and peeled back the little silver sticky sticker and screwed back the mic gain a bit. Problem solved.



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