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Battery for Skyfox gazelle

Guest Johnmac

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Guest Johnmac

The battery in my Skyfox Gazelle is slowly dying, the supplier recommended for a new battery "Helitech" in Brisbane is out of supplies until mid Jan. Does anyone know an alternative supplier, the part number is 397.19 12V 30 AMP dry fit. I have searched the maintenance manual but cannot find a brand name?049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif



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Guest yarraroo2

skyfox battery replacement


I have a Skyfox CA22. My L2 Said to buy a 'jump start battery pack'. Get the 900cca one which is 17 amp hour. It is a sealed lead acid battery and is the cheapest way to buy the battery. You even get a few bits and pieces for free. I have been running one for about 8 years. It works really well. It is lighter than the helicopter battery originally installed in my aircraft. Either check your weight and balance or add a little weight to compensate. Or even get a larger sealed lead acid battery which is not necessary. I bought one recently for another application for $75. Beats the $300 for the certified battery.







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