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Big hello to all Drifter flyers

Guest satnam

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I am wondering if there is any syndicatesharesavailable around the Murwillumbah or Tyagarah flying areas for a drifter or any other ultralight, or if you know of anyone willing to form such a syndicate, please do let me know. Murwillumbah is a fine underutilised airfieldand if nothing happenshereas in terms of on going active aviation, the council mayhave second thoughts about maintaining the airfield ( mindu they do a pretty good job ! ask any one who has flown in here )


Good to read all the posts regarding the drifters etc and really happy to see there is a big support group out here. cheers satnam


02 66 72 4041 tel.



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Hi Satnam,


I don't know of anything at MUR but try Graham Johns at Tyagarah. I haven't got his contact details but the Drifter is 25-189. It has just had a re-build and is immaculate. It is 503 powered and a friend of mine who is in the syndicate is very happy with both the group and the aircraft. If this fails you could always try Jacob's Well.





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hi Nick


thanks for the tip, i am in touch with Graham at TyG, and he has considered my request to join the syndicate, and will advise me of any shares that come up,B' cos at the moment there is no more room. I guess i ll just have to wait till something comes up. cheers fellas and shielas ;)



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