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A Tandem two-seater recreational aircraft?

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anyone know of a recreational/ultralight aircraft that may be similar


to the GA version shown here in the photograph? I’m aware of highwing


versions of the likes of RANS, Fisher and Storch examples but so far I


have not been able to source a lowlight version… ? Anyone know of any?







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Guest TOSGcentral

Not sure if this will be of assistance or not as the types I am about to mention are a bit


‘swisher’ that the old Pawnee! They are also motor gliders but operate very efficiently as normal use powered aircraft.


They all have spoiler/airbrake systems so a different form of approach control will have to be learnt.


Sheibe SF28 Tandem Falke. MTOW of 590 kg, single central wheel with wing outriggers. Limbach VW 2200 engine (usually with 2 position v.p. and full feather).


Caution is needed as there is a cowl flap system and you can rapidly cook the engine if this is mismanaged (eg left closed for take-off).


Wood/fabric wings and empennage; tube steel, fabric covered space frame


fuselage with glass front skinning. Now out of production and none in


Oz – there are still plenty around in Europe. I really enjoyed flying


them and easily out-soared a Blanik in one. Christian Gad (the designer) flew one over from Germany to Lasham UK in much the same time as I had done the trip in a Cherokee 140.


Fournier RF5. Same general layout as the ’28 above but with retracting


gear. All wood. I have no weight data but again is similar to the ’28


but with less soaring performance and leaning more towards light GA. If


anything ever demonstrated what Rec Aviation could do then this


aircraft did it by a brilliant piece of applied marketing and


operations planning. An outfit (Sports Avia) opened at Biggin Hill and put in a fleet of them supporting a fleet of the single seat RF4 version (a poor man’s Spitfire they were known as),


all at half the price of normal GA training. They had customers pouring


out of their ears and the Pom GA schools went bananas over it! That was


35 years ago!!! Never knew what happened but someone must have found a


way to torpedo it all – “Must not rock the boat chaps!†None in Oz to


my knowledge.


Fournier RF5B Sperber. Long wing (folding tipped) version of the ‘5 with a big bubble canopy for 360 degree vision and cleaner skinning. A better soarer (esp in Oz conditions)


but again a bit towards GA. I think there may be one or two in Oz –


check with GFA but they should fit into LSA OK if a bit heavy for RAA.


I am as busy as a cut snake at the moment but if I can find time I will put some pics up as an edit later.





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