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Seat rail stops


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The EASA issued an AD for Tecnam Sierra 2002 - JF and P92-J and P92 JS ‘certified in any category’ regarding seat rail stops on 9<SUP>th</SUP> August 2006 (EASA AD NO: 2006-0234)….you’re probably all aware of it by now but in case some have missed it…this was addressed by Tecnam as SB001-CS dated 24 March 2006 (not listed under non uncertified types on Tecnams website))


The RAA have issued AN 230806-1 dated 23/8/06 for the ultra light non-certified fraternity.


This problem was pointed out to me before I took delivery and was fixed by installing clevis pins through the rails at the front.


I understand that you can now buy a spanner from Tecnam to undo the wheel bearing nut at around $130……I can’t see for the life of me why they just didn’t use a normal hex head ‘half height’ nyloc or similar that you could undo with standard tools…..am I missing the point or could someone enlighten me why??...originally was not available so made up my own ….lot’s a filing practice whilst cursing Tecnam for such an idea!





Any comments welcome


Safe flying




David O



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I always thought that anyone who designs a machine of any description should have to do compulsory maintenance on it for a least a year whether the machine needs it or not.





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