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Lightweight 532

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Hi Guys


We have a 532 on our TST Thruster & the other day one a conrod big end poked a hole in the bottom of our crankcase. Any ideas what would cause a big end bearing to fail. Thrasher



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Guest TOSGcentral

The 532 was a single ignition predecessor to the 582 and did not last long.


In common with the s/i 503s about at the time their crankshafts were not up to it and frequently broke.


The later 582 and d/i 503s became much more reliable with heavy duty crankshafts in them.


You may be able to retrofit a new crank like these to your motor but if it threw a leg out of bed it is probably not worth it.


Contact Richard Eacott on 07 5463 2476 for any advice on ANY of the Rotax motors. He is the bee's knees. Hard standards man but really knows his stuff.





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