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Ultralight Syndicate @ Murwillumbah

Guest satnam

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Fellow Aviators,


it is my keen desire to establish an Ultralight/Sports Aviation Club at Murwillumbah airfield.


As hangarage is a major issue for many of us and there seems to be no facility available in the near future, i have decided to form a group of aviators who would be interested in forming a syndicate around a AeroPup or Gazelle, both of the aircraft have a folding wing design that can allow us to store the plane in an enclosed trailer. There are plenty of options to park the trailer near and around the airfield. (Gazelles can be bot factory built and there are several good second hand ones around. Aeropups go a bit faster but it takes almost a good year to build one part time.)


To keep the idea financially viable for all the members i envisage 8 share holders to initially form the core group. With 8 members in mind, u r looking at an initial investment of around 6500/- approx


there will some other expenses as inurance and the cost of the trailer.


This group is being formed solely for the purpose of recreational flying, not for aviators who are looking to go places. Period.


So if you are happy to fly around the tweed regionsfor fun and recreation filled days, when ever u like or find the time, u r more than welcome toregister your interest.


My name is Satnammy contact number is 02 66 72 4041 do call me to ask any questions



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