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Fan forced vs Free air


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I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on leaving a 503 fan forced on thrusters instead of free air. Not having had much to do with this sort of thing but from speaking to people, fan forced motors seem to last a little longer and not give as many problems. Recently a mate of mine put a new 503 on a single seat thruster and left if fan forced and put a scoop on it and it seems to be working very well andis running quite cool.


Just curious if anyone else had tried this and / or had any thoughts?



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Guest TOSGcentral

I am not aware of any problems with this set up as long as the engine is adequately cooled. Certainly I have come across a lot of big side scoops on the engine and there did not seem to be a hassle.


But make sure you have a CHT, know the parameters, and use it!





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