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Catch 22 ??

Guest secatur

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Guest secatur

So, here I am building a Zenith CH-701.. I had my PPL in Canada, but let it go many years ago. I now decided to go recreational for many reasons, cost, proximity to airfield,age (61, so definitely not looking for a career lol!)and instruction is cheaper in your own plane, right?


Only, when the plane is finished, I presume it'll have to log 40 hrs before passenger capable...so I'll either have to get license on another aircraft, or get someone else to put 40 hrs up on it.


Or, can an Instructor get around this situation ??


Thanks for any advice,





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Guest Fred Bear

Is it going to be GA registered?


If so, for GA, it's 25 hours for a certified engine and 40 hours for a non-certified engine, single person only.


If it's RA-Aus registered, then 25 hours with a single person only, no exceptions whatsoever.


You'll need the 25 hours to be flown by someone else, preferably experienced with a minimum of 200 hours, however the more the better.


If you are confident that it won't take you long to get back up to speed, you could get your RA-Aus certificate in a fairly short time provided that you haven't forgotten too much. There is little else you can do. One of the most frustrating things you can do is to build a plane and not be able to fly it yourself!!! I know, believe me.


Oh and you can only train in a home built IF you YOURSELF built it. You cannot train in an aircraft that someone else built.


I hope that helps a little.



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Guest secatur

Thanks for the info!


It will be RA Aus registered...so I better start looking for someone (who trusts my building!) with a license and 25 hrs to spare!



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Guest landman



I too have a Canadian private pilots license. I let it languish from 1976 to 2005 and then went to Edmonton Alberta and put it back in service. It never really expires you just have to keep up your medical. They had no record of it, but I had my original and they issued me a new one when I got my medical and then I got a United States license based on my Canadian license. I bought a factory built Savannah Adv. Eric from Skykits came and gave me six hours dual and I now have close to 60 hours on my Savannah. I just turned 63. If you can dig up your old license and get a medical you will be legally licensed to fly in Canada and maybe you can get a license down there just like I did here.



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