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A Hard Landing...


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Note this news item out of the US...


"Odd Chain Of Events In MN Seaplane Incident


All's Well After C180 Loses Power




We're learning more of the circumstances behind an incident this weekend involving a Cessna 180 Skywagon seaplane in Minnesota.


The Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune reports the aircraft


lost altitude over Forest Lake Saturday... and landed hard. So hard, in fact, that two passengers onboard the plane were thrown into the water.


The two women -- one 35 years old, the other, 47 -- were


rescued, and taken to an area hospital. The Washington County


Sheriff's Office reports they are both being treated for injuries


not believed to be life-threatening.


As for the Skywagon... the harsh landing caused the plane to


lose its floats, but the pilot was able to recover. The 44-year-old


pilot was later able to land the stricken plane safely on a nearby


grass landing strip. Neither the pilot nor another passenger


onboard were injured.


The FAA is investigating."


Thats one sure hard landing and if it wasn't such aserious incident it'd be quite anevent watching the incident from the shore line ... You can be lucky.



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