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ASIC Application Form Available

Guest howard

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Guest howard

The ASIC application form is available in PDF format from the RA-Aus web site at:




It is also available in Microsoft Word format at:




I suggest that the PDF format is more suitable as it is a smaller download and is, IMO, better laid out.


Please note that RA-Aus are only authorised to issue ASIC to current


RA-Aus members and that any ASIC issued by RA-Aus must be surrendered


back to RA-Aus on ceasation of membership.


Because of the anticipated workload caused by the requirement for ASIC,


it is probable that the office will only be making the application form


available by means of the web site.


Please spread the word and assist other members who may not have Internet access by providing them with copies of the form.



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Guest howard

I've just looked at the form more closely and I see that the cost has been omitted.


I will get onto the office and find out so please don't pester them yourselves.



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