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Nose wheel failure

Guest Vigilant

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Guest Vigilant

Plane makes safe emergency landing


November 01, 2006 02:20pm


Article from: AAP


A LIGHT plane has touched down safely after making an emergency landing at a northern Tasmanian airport.


The solo pilot landed just before 2pm (AEDT) after his nose wheel malfunctioned above Launceston Airport


Airservices Australia spokesman Terry O'Connor said the pilot had circled the airport since noon trying to resolve the problem, but eventually decided to land without the Lancair 320's nose wheel.


The plane came to a "reasonably violent shuddering stop" just before 2pm, he said.


Mr O'Connor said emergency crews were on hand during the landing but the pilot was not injured.


"It's not rare, it occasionally happens because all sorts of things can go wrong on a complex piece of equipment," he said.


The airport's main runway was blocked and at least one Jetstar flight had been delayed



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