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Anyone visit the South Grafton Fly-In...


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G'day 'Team',


Wondering if anyone visited the annual South Grafton fly-in muster held a weekend or so back.


If so, how did it go, many aircraft etc???


Work has been keeping me from attending this event over the past few years, and they had to cancel the fly-in for a while due to the public insurance problems that have caused major pain to many sporting clubs and other organisations.


Appears they have at last managed to gain support for the renewal of the fly-in muster with is part of the Jacaranda week festival held in Grafton.







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Yep. I attended (if you meant the breakfast flyin on Oct 1) and there seemed to be quite a good turn up (mixture of Ultralight and GA). Only stayed for about an hour as I was on my way back from Heck Field to near Canberra, so could not stay too long. Weather was OK, but cloud was around 2,500ft, although it did lift enough to get over the ranges behind.



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