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Jab Flywheel bolts


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A report has come in about a Jab 2200 shearing its flywheel bolts. I also know of one or two 3300's that have done the same thing.


Not many reports have come in to RA-Aus about flywheel bolt issues, so I am wondering how many out there are simply not reporting the problem, or whether the problem is related to aircraft handling and setup?


We know that Jabiru have released a service bulletin regarding the flywheel bolts etc, yet industry 'engineers' have questioned the Jabiru service bulletin indicating the torque values given by Jabiru are still not enough to stop bolts from breaking.


This is a contentious issue I know, as some people have problems and most others are fine for the life of the engine etc.


RA-Aus' position is that we abide by the manufacturer's recommendations. If you fly an experimental/amateur built aircraft, then we advise to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, though in the end, the owner is 100% responsible for the airworthiness of the aircraft.


It is however, in that instance, no use complaining to Jabiru that their engine couldn't handle your 3 foot long prop extension and 6 blade metal prop. :confused:





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