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Heck Airfield Based Ultralight Nose-Dives into Pad


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Heck Airfield Based Ultralight Nose-Dives into Paddock - Pilot Sustains Minor Injuries




Police and Emergency Services were called to an aircraft crash at Jacobs Well in SE QLD after a ultralight nose-dived into a cane paddock


The aircraft had just taken off from nearby Heck Airfield - a popular sport and recreational aerodrome - when the mishap occurred - the pilot received only minor injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment


Up until a few years ago the Heck Airfield was a small and almost insignificant airport supported only by a handful of recreational and home-builder pilots


Recent upgrades and lengthening of the main runway have turned this once sleepy cane paddock on the edge of Moreton Bay into a thriving busy and progressive airport



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Never good to see items listed in this section...


Believe the aircraft involved according to other media reports was a Corby Starlet.


Sincerely hope the pilot has no serious injuries.



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After the sad incident in the past weeks its good to know that the pilot ecaped with Minor Injuries. thank God the pilot is ok, I hope he will be up and about soon to grace our skys.


Don danda



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Guest sypkens

Just an update to this based upon what I have heard (therefor hearsay). The aircraft is actually hangared and based at archerfield but did regular trips to heck field.





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