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Remos G-3 Light Sport Aircraft


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Remos G-3 Light Sport Aircraft


The Remos G-3 aircraft was designed eight years ago but only recently began selling under the new light sport aircraft rules in the United States.


The aircraft has side-by-side seating for two, a high wing, tricycle landing gear, folding wings, and carbon fiber and composite construction. Capitalizing on a cockpit width of 46.8" (an increase of more than five inches over the Beech 58 Baron), German engineers developed a wrap-around windshield and blister side windows that offer great visibility. Cockpit size and insulation, along with a useful load of 704 lbs., permit big and tall pilots to sit comfortably in well-padded seats, allowing for extended cross-country flying without the normal levels of fatigue. A stainless-steel exhaust and after-muffler were engineered to exceed rigid European noise standards.


The folding wings reduce the size of the Remos, allowing for home storage or "tucking" into the corners of most existing hangars already housing a resident aircraft. Elevator and rudder locations assure quick response to any changes in power settings. Entry and egress are easy through large cockpit doors that seal tightly when closed.


Instrument panels can be configured for basic VFR up through advanced IFR systems. Power for the G-3 is provided by a certified Rotax 912S, 100-hp, four-cylinder, four-stroke engine. High-performance hydraulic disc brakes are a departure from the typical cluster braking mechanisms found in most LSAs.


At gross weight, 1320 lbs, the manufacturer reports the G-3 will take off in 330 ft, climb at 1100 fpm, cruise at 120 mph, and stall at 45 clean or 38 with full flaps. It has a glide ratio of 1:17 and a range over 500 miles with 5 gph fuel burn.


For more information visit the Remos Web site.





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