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Christmas Parties

Guest Vigilant

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Guest Vigilant

Wow Christmas is here with us again - and so are the Christmas parties. Our speciallist squad had ours on Thursday night and it was great to meet on a more social occassion and laugh about the achievements (and stuff up's) that the year has seen. The night went off with a bang ;) but MAN I forgot how much kick free red wine has the next day - I wish my liver was as good as it was at 20 :yuk: .


I hope everyone has a really great festive season and most importantly a safe one. Remember (and a little blue wisdom here) - get a taxi or group together for a bus like we did, I don't work in Traffic anymore but the worst job we or any other emergency service has to do at this time of year is attend a serious or fatal accident and then deliver that worst of news to loved ones.


8 hours bottle to throttle!!!


Merry Christmas to you all - Be SAFE & HAPPY :star: :star: :star: :star:



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CHRISTmas is a fantastic time of the year for me, it's the time of the year that I can reflect on whymy lifeis so great.


011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif For me salvation came atCHRISTmas [ATTACH]446[/ATTACH] Joy to the world keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gifkeen.gif.7777ed0d05dcd20861d93166f822038e.gifkeen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gifkeen.gif.7777ed0d05dcd20861d93166f822038e.gifkeen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gifkeen.gif.7777ed0d05dcd20861d93166f822038e.gif


Don danda





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