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Jacko goes Wacko for Kid-o's


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Michael Jackson had chartered a 40 seat plane for the afternoon, and was taking a bunch of under-privilidged kids up for a joy-flight.About half way through the trip one of the flight attendants rushed to Jacko and his personal assistant Pee-Pee with the bad news."im sorry to inform you" said the hostess, " but the plane has a major problem, and it looks as if were not going to make it-The pilot would like to see you both immediately!."


They made their way to the cockpit, and went in to talk to the pilot who told them the bad news.."weve lost one engine, the others on fire, the landing gears broken, and the tails about to fall off-we only have two parachutes on board, and we would like you and Pee Pee to use them as we believe you can do a lot more good for the world than anyone else on this plane..


Pee Pee turned to Michael and sadly said "but what about the children"


Jacko turned to the pilot and said "do we have time?"





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