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Dad gets up one Saturday morning, and says to his son, "Today I'm going to take you to the zoo".


"But Mummy took me there yesterday," replies the boy.


"Well that's OK" his Dad says, "you can tell me what all the different animals are then".


So they arrive at the zoo, and the little boy begins...


"That's a tiger, and that's a gorilla, and that's an emu, and that's a donkey, and that's a crocodile," but when he gets to the elephant, the boy just stands there quietly and stares. After about 2 minutes the boy turns to his Dad, and pointing at the elephant, says, "Dad, what's that?"


"That son, is an elephant."


"Yes I know that, but what's that hanging off it?" enquires the boy.


"That's it's trunk," replies his Dad.


"No, not that, further back from it's trunk?" says the boy.


"Ah, well that's it's tail," his Dad informs him.


"No, in front of it's tail?" the boy says.


"Ah, yes, well, um, that's um, well that's it's penis," his Dad replies.


"But Mummy said that was nothing when I asked her," the boy stated.


"Yes, well your Mother has been spoilt," replied his Dad with a grin.



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