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Heated USB Slippers Go 'Dual Core'


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Heated USB Slippers Go 'Dual Core'


Heated USB Slippers Go 'Dual Core'


Technology marches on, and now even heated USB slippers have gone "dual core." Thanko now gives you an individual control for each foot with its latest USB Warmer Slippers ($33) with a two-step temperature control switch for each slipper, letting you crank up the heat on one foot while leaving your other foot lukewarm.


USB heated slippers have come a long way since their inception way back in 2005, and now there are advanced models that cover your ankles, and even have a very special bear attachment. Even so, never were they as technologically advanced as this. But jeez, who wants to be tethered to a PC like this? It must feel like a ball and chain.



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